Monday, June 6, 2011

Benefit Eye Bright Review

I was given a Macy's card for Mother's Day (shout out to my boyfriend's mom Ophelia!) and found a really cute top on clearance which left me with enough to try out the Benefit Eye Bright pencil :) I missed out on the M.A.C. concealer pencils and wanted a pencil that wasn't so stark white for my inner rim. I told the gal at Benefit that I'd like to try a more flesh colored pencil for my waterline and she thought this was perfect. The color itself is a soft pinky tone and it really is pretty. However, the staying power for the waterline is nil. It's literally gone in minutes. It's not marketed for the waterline, it's supposed to be used under the brow and near the inner tear duct. It's a very creamy formula which is probably why it disappears in the waterline. I'm sort of meh about it, I probably won't purchase it again being as it's 20 dollars. I'll use this one up and then order the concealer pencils from M.A.C. Have you tried Benefit Eye Bright and how did it work for you?

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  1. I didn't like the pinky color. If you wanted something flesh tone for the waterline Makeup Forever has a good one which I use all the time in my kit. It is even double ended so one is more yellow and then other more pink but not too pink like the Benefit one. :D