Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The lives I'd like to live/overdue introduction

True to my all encompassing Piscean personality, I gather inspiration from any and everything that passes by my sphere of being. (read: I am easily influenced.) If I watch a movie and the protagonist sells all her worldly possessions and moves to Italy, I instantly hypothesize about how that’s what I’ve been looking for ALL.MY.LIFE. I saw the first 3 or 4 seconds of a commercial yesterday that started out saying something about the ‘simplicity of Montana’. I was transported to a log house surrounded by snow and cooking stew over a woodstove (those of you who know me in non blog life are laughing hysterically right now). My longest enduring girlfriend moved to New York last year and I could NOT WAIT to make plans to join her. Living in a tiny one room apartment with little food and no furniture? SIGN ME UP! Never you mind I have a 13 yr old who’s taller than me and eats three to five thousand calories per day: where do you put a mammoth that size?? Not New York City. What I’m getting at friends, is while I know what I want to be in the long run (beauty editor anyone?) the things I have wanted since I was young were to be rich, beautiful and loved. Not high minded or anything J
What I AM is a makeup artist, a mom, a semi-wife in Seattle working in the health insurance field which is MILES away from anything fulfilling. So I’m starting here. With this blog…I’ll do makeup tutorials since that’s what I’m good at, I’ll talk about my teenage son with ‘the feet’ (size and smell: a whole other post), being the semi-wife of a Chicago transplant DJ, my crazy United Nations (but predominantly Mexican) family and my baby Chihuahua Daniel (or D2) whatever else lights a fire under my ass to get out of this 9-5 and on to actually LIVING life!

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